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WANN GUAN Film Assists Industrial Automatic Packaging

Since its establishment in 2000, Wanguan Plastics (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principle of providing excellent new plastic film packaging solutions for global customers.
The company has dozens of advanced film production lines, specializing in the production of high-quality film products such as heat shrink film, cold drawn sleeve film, bagging machine barrel film, automatic packaging machine PE film, flame retardant film, rust proof film, anti-static film, anti-aging film, and biodegradation. It can be perfectly compatible with various industrial automatic packaging machines, providing customers with excellent packaging effects continuously. It can also customize various bag types such as FFS heavy-duty bags, flat bags, organ bags, mechanism square bottom bags, vest bags, edge sealing bags, and point break bags to meet the diverse needs of customers. At present, the width of the film can reach 12 meters, the width of bag making and printing can reach 3 meters, and the monthly production capacity can reach 1500 tons.
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Wann Guan Plastic Fully qualified and experienced manufacturer

  • 实力深厚 万冠塑胶

    Powerful Manufacturer
  • 产品齐全 万冠塑胶

    Complete products
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    Quality Assurance
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    Perfect Service
Powerful Manufacturer

WANN GUAN PLASTICS (SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK)CO.,LTD was established in September 2000, with 36 blowing film machines and 40 bag making machines. Currently, the blowing film can be unfolded up to 8 meters, and the width of bag making and printing can reach 3 meters. The monthly production capacity is 1500 tons.

Complete Products

We specialize in producing PE heat shrink film, flat pockets, square bottom bags, vest bags, continuous roll bags, edge sealing bags, etc. We can also customize functional film bag products such as rust prevention, flame retardancy, anti-static, anti-aging, and degradation for you, with a complete variety and reasonable prices.

Quality Assurance

The company's production workshops are all fully enclosed and have obtained ISO9001 quality management, ISO22000 food safety management, GRS global recycling standards and other system certifications, as well as QS production licenses for food packaging. The products can meet the cleanliness requirements of industries such as food and electronics.

Perfect Serviceservice

We provide one-stop pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services throughout the entire process, providing you with professional consulting services; Customization can be made according to the specifications required by customers; Meet the different needs of customers and ensure the production efficiency of customer enterprises.

Four Reasons to Choose Us Be a responsible film manufacturer

Continuously accumulating and innovating

Transforming experience into products, accumulating year-round experience, taking a unique path of innovation, and constantly exploring market areas

24 years of accumulated experience

Bringing together numerous technical personnel and employees in the film industry with comprehensive problem-solving solutions.

Strict material selection test

The selection of raw materials has undergone strict inspection and verification of its own customized material formula; Strong stability!

Customized according to customer requirements

Complete variety, customize each meter of film according to customer requirements to meet personalized customer needs!

A trustworthy manufacturer of film/film bags Price discounts, reputation first, and comprehensive service

  • Experience Guarantee

    Experience Guarantee

    With over 20 years of rich experience and production capacity in the film industry, a stable and standardized management system has been established. The establishment of the entire industry chain highlights the clear positioning of the company's business development strategy.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    The company has modern production workshops, all of which are fully enclosed for management. Our factory has advanced production equipment, excellent manufacturing processes, complete testing methods, and strong technical strength.

  • Management Guarantee

    Management Guarantee

    All employees of the production and quality inspection teams have undergone strict training before taking up their positions. With years of experience in film production and rich industry experience, they can provide you with peace of mind, peace of mind, and peace of mind.

  • Price Guarantee

    Price Guarantee

    Our film/film bag products can meet the cleanliness requirements of industries such as food and electronics. They are directly supplied by manufacturers and sold at factory prices, with a clear price advantage. No intermediate links, direct delivery to home, saving time and money.

  • Service Guarantee

    Service Guarantee

    The company has a professional team of engineers and dedicated after-sales service lines. Whether it is consultation or after-sales, as long as you have one phone call, 24-hour service, let you worry free!

News Center Answers to common industry knowledge questions

Craft Production

  • Five layer co extrusion

    The five layer co extrusion blown film unit is mainly suitable for resins with gas barrier properties such as HDPE, MHDPE LDPE LLDPE MLLDPE PA EVOH, etc. The produced film is mainly used as packaging materials for heavy packaging, high-end food bags, vacuum packaging bags, liquid packaging bags, etc., to achieve the packaging purpose of fragrance preservation, anti-corrosion, airtightness, and extended shelf life.

    The adjustment range of the five layer material formula is more flexible, with stronger puncture resistance, higher tensile ratio, more uniform thickness, higher yield, and more advantageous film cost-effectiveness. By using multi-layer co extrusion plane overlay die heads, IBC internal cooling system, upward rotation traction, and automatic winding technology, the products have good barrier performance and heat sealing performance。

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