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What are the main advantages of heat shrink bags?

Time: 2023-07-17 13:35:13 Click: 1

According to the survey, meat packaging bags have become a rapidly growing flexible packaging market at a rate of 20% per year. Over 30% of the over 10 billion fresh meat packaging worldwide uses bag packaging. It can be predicted that heat shrink packaging bags will become a rapidly growing market for flexible packaging. The main advantages of heat shrink bags are as follows:

1. Shrinkage helps reduce excess materials on the outside of the packaging, making it more tightly attached, exhibiting better results, and enhancing the attractiveness of meat sales;

2. The heat shrink bag has no wrinkles after heat shrinkage, and the inner layer material is very close to the body, eliminating the capillary water absorption phenomenon caused by it. At the same time, the low shrinkage force also greatly reduces the leakage of blood and water;

3. The barrier layer of the heat shrink bag effectively blocks the penetration of oxygen, prolonging the shelf life of meat products;

4. Heat shrink bags can effectively prevent the loss of moisture, maintain the original taste of the product, and save costs for enterprises;

5. Heat shrink packaged products avoid contact with the outside world, prevent secondary pollution, and are safer to consume.