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What is a four finger bag?

Time: 2018-10-19 01:48:04 Click: 6

What is a four finger bag? Many friends may be a bit confused when they hear it for the first time. In fact, four finger bags are one of the most common plastic bags in our lives, second only to supermarket vest bags. Most four finger bags are used in clothing stores and boutiques, which are rectangular or square in shape, with the handle on top of the bag. Let's explain in detail below.

Chinese people like to name an item in a visual way, such as a vest bag because its shape resembles a vest, and the style of a roll up bag is the roll up style. The name of a four finger bag is also derived from this, mainly because its handle can hold four fingers. Four finger bags are widely used in supermarkets, mother and baby, cake shops, clothing stores, and other places.

Based on the above content, I believe everyone already knows the origin of the name of the four finger bag