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How to choose a plastic bag production factory? Pay attention to the following three misconceptions!

Time: 2018-10-19 01:48:11 Click: 48

Half a century has passed since the invention of plastic bags, and their demand is constantly increasing. Plastic bag production factories have been established like mushrooms after rain. Basically, all businesses need to purchase plastic bags. Faced with such a large number of plastic bag production factories, how should novice buyers choose? Let's hear how professional plastic bag manufacturers suggest.

1、 Choosing a plastic bag production factory may not necessarily be a local option

Many friends, when choosing a plastic bag production factory, think of choosing a local manufacturer. The reason for this is that local manufacturers offer affordable prices and quality is not a problem. This is not necessarily true, as the logistics environment in China is very developed and the cost is also very low. In terms of quality, there is no need for us to worry about local products being better than those from other regions. With so many choices from customers now, plastic bag production factories dare not lower the quality.

2、 Choosing a plastic bag production factory may not necessarily be limited to mass customization

Another misconception of many friends is that when customizing plastic bags themselves, it is not possible to customize them in large quantities, so they believe that plastic production factories will not accept such small orders. However, this is not the case. There are generally two ways for plastic bag production factories to accept orders: one is for the factory to directly accept orders, and the other is through agent distributors. The factory is also willing to accept small orders, so when we need to customize plastic bags, if the quantity is small, we can also go to the plastic bag factory to purchase.

3、 Choosing a plastic bag factory is not about the cheaper the price, the better

Business people all know that price is always proportional to service, and cheap prices cannot provide high-quality service. The same goes for us when choosing a plastic bag production factory. Many plastic bag production factories, in order to reduce costs and gain competitiveness, greatly discount the quality of plastic bags. Therefore, when choosing a plastic bag production factory, we cannot choose a cheaper one.