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What is the price of biodegradable plastic bags?

Time: 2016-08-29 15:14:57 Click: 3

With the implementation of the plastic ban, first tier cities are no longer allowed to use non degradable plastic bags, and many businesses are transitioning to purchasing degradable and environmentally friendly plastic bags. However, compared to plastic bags, degradable plastic bags are a relatively new category, and people's understanding of degradable plastic bags is not as deep as that of plastic bags. In terms of price, it is also difficult to control. Today, let's share with you the customized prices of degradable plastic bags.

1、 Different materials result in different prices for biodegradable plastic bags

Recently, many customers of Tuohao have asked how they can find biodegradable plastic bags at the same price as plastic bags. This question is something that everyone should pay attention to, because the price of biodegradable materials is currently relatively higher than that of ordinary plastic bag raw materials. If there are biodegradable plastic bags that are even cheaper than plastic bags, then everyone must pay attention. Currently, there are two common types of biodegradable plastic bags: partially degradable and fully degradable. Partially degradable bags are more expensive than ordinary plastic bags but cheaper than fully degradable plastic bags. Therefore, when customizing plastic bags for biodegradable plastic bag manufacturers, we should pay attention to this rule.

2、 Degradable plastic bags are only inferior to ordinary plastic bags in terms of raw materials

The main difference between biodegradable plastic bags and ordinary plastic bags is mainly in terms of raw materials. There is no significant difference in other processes, so other process steps will not affect their price. This is especially important when we customize biodegradable plastic bags.

The price of custom plastic bags made by biodegradable plastic bag manufacturers is relatively cheap and guaranteed. If they purchase from secondary vendors, the price and quality cannot be guaranteed.