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Summary of Common Issues for Customers in Customizing Four Finger Bags

Time: 2016-08-29 15:15:36 Click: 7

Four finger bags are an important packaging tool in our daily lives. Many friends in the industry will customize a unique packaging bag, but they often encounter some problems during the customization process. Today, we will summarize some of the problems encountered in customizing four finger bags.

1、 Selection of customized sizes for four finger bags

When we customize a four finger bag and find a suitable partner, we usually choose one size line. Many friends who are customizing a four finger bag for the first time may not be very familiar with the size of the bag and do not know what size of bag is suitable for their products. This problem is actually very easy to solve. In terms of size, the main focus is on space and load-bearing. Space is the capacity of the bag to hold our products, and the appropriate size is sufficient. In terms of load-bearing, it is about thickness. We need to consider the actual load-bearing capacity during normal use, and cannot choose thin thickness to save costs.

2、 Selection of Printing Colors for Customized Four Finger Bags

Our custom four finger bag also plays a very important role, which is to be able to print our logo pattern on the bag, which can play a role in advertising and promotion. In terms of color, Tuohao Plastics recommends 2 to 3 colors and 1 is suitable, because if there are too many colors, the bag cannot highlight the theme, and the cost is also very high.

3、 The problem of quantity selection for customized four finger bags

Many people come to Tuohao to customize four finger bags. When discussing the quantity, we recommend making as many as possible. If it is not necessary, we also try to use 10000 pieces as a unit, because the production time for 5000 and 10000 bags is almost the same, and the production cost is also the same. Customizing 10000 pieces can reduce the unit price of each bag.