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Quality identification method for heat shrink film

Time: 2023-07-17 13:34:59 Click: 2

The application range of heat shrink film is very broad, and there are also many manufacturers producing heat shrink film, which leads to uneven quality of heat shrink film. Therefore, we need to understand the methods of identifying the quality of heat shrink film. Below, the editor will introduce some methods of identifying the quality of heat shrink film.

1. Touch recognition method: Food shrink film with qualified quality is used for a smooth and flexible touch, while those with a rough and sticky touch are considered unqualified packaging products.

2. Ignite recognition method: High quality shrink film is very easy to ignite, and when it burns, the flame appears. Unqualified ones containing substances are not easy to burn.

3. Immersion identification method: If qualified packaging shrink film is placed in a container filled with water, it will float, while poor or unqualified packaging often sinks to the bottom of the water. Of course, the reliability of this method is currently not improving, and many low-quality products can also achieve this effect through special manufacturing processes.