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Anti rust film/bag
Anti rust film/bag
Anti rust film/bag

Anti rust film/bag

● This product uses a new PE raw material mixed with VCI anti rust masterbatch (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor inhibitor), which can automatically volatilize anti rust ions, diffuse and penetrate to the surface of the anti rust object, and adsorb, forming a dense protective film layer to isolate various factors that induce rust from the surface of the anti rust object, thereby preventing the occurrence of rust.

● Can be used directly without degreasing and cleaning, improving work efficiency and saving costs.

● We can customize colors and bag shapes according to customer's requirements.

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(1) The packaging should form a closed space.

(2) The metal surface must be dry and free of any residue that may cause rust, such as sweat stains, or any substances remaining on the surface after cleaning processes, such as acids or strong alkalis, which can affect the actual anti rust effect of the packaging.

(3) Do not directly contact wood or acidic substances on the metal surface.

(4) The  rust prevention time is related to climate conditions and the sealing effect of packaging.


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